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       Thanks to the invention of preformed PVC liners, building a small garden pond is easier than ever. Pre-formed garden ponds come in a variety of shapes. There are even small, pre-formed liners for easy construction of pond streams and waterfalls. Although building a stream or waterfall is a labor intensive process, the steps are simple to follow Does this Spark an idea? For something you might want.

       The sound is relaxing and it will draw all sorts of birds in.. If it is large enough and depending on where you live it can draw in raccoon and fox. Of course if you want to susatain fish you will want to keep them away.

       First you would need to decide what you are looking for in a water feature. Ponds can keep fish but they will also have some maintainence. New plants,filters and technology can be a big help with this .

       Maybe something as a feature by or through your garden. A stream or flowing riverbead is ideal.

        You might want the noise and bird attraction but something easy to take care of and with that you can go with a pondless water feature.

        Then there is always adding several features into one to create a showcase and beable to enjoy with friends and family around it .

       The pump is a key component to the flow of the water and depth of the pond or water base will effect the size of the water pump. Most pumps have tables for pressure ,flow and distance. Using natural stone is key to bringing that natural pond feature to life. And integrating it into your landscape and lifestyle. And Yard beautiful landscape will sow you that it is affordable to have a water feature or pond.



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Door county and Green bay brick patios 2013

         Brick patios can add alot to your yard . Not only will a nice brick patio add a common place of interest for your entertainment with family or friends it can also be a artistic focal point with added features like a firepit, grill station,seating walls and benching but you can also add a water feature large or small for that relaxing get away feeling for the weekend .


       doorcountylandscape yard beautifulgreenbaylandscape yard beautifulNow I know your thinking,” this is not for me ,I can’t afford it .”   Oh but yes you can with the help of Yard beautiful landscape, http://yardbeautifullandscape.com/   Complete landscape and patio design ,computer drafted plans done free so you can better envision what the job will look like before it gets started .

         At Yard beautiful we guarantee our work and have customer references if you need them. We are quality at a resonable cost. We are even willing to work with to save cost by meeting you at Menards to go through products and design ideas. Menards brick pavers and block is cost effective for you and you can even use Menards sales programs to save you even more .

         We have worked with many clients during the 11% off deals and saved them alot of money. We are here to help you get a beautiful artistically designed patio at a reasonable cost.

       We sometimes can even use product bought in or that you may have bought from a reclaim of a an old building that may have been torn down. We are here to listen and work with you.

       Feel free to join us on facebook and see some of our 2012 work, ranging from reclaiming garden beds, fencing ,ponds, flagstone and brick.


Book your work for 2013 early


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Winterizing your landscaping

Winterizing your landscaping.

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Winterizing your landscaping

Winterizing Trees & Shrubs

Water all plants well before the first hard freeze if the fall has been dry.

Fertilize with a slow-acting product in late fall.

Mulch soil over root zones with a 2 to 4 inch layer of organic material.

Erect windbreaks, if needed; and tie lose evergreen branches together with twine or netting to prevent breakage from the weight of snow.
Wrap tender bark of trunks of young trees with tree wrap, 1/4 inch hardware cloth, commercial tree bark guards or tree shelters to repel rodents.

Winterizing Perennials & Bulbs

Let perennial plants die down to the ground naturally to allow them to store energy and nutrients in their roots for the winter.
Cut back and discard the dead aboveground parts to reduce the risk of disease and deny winter shelter to insect pests.
Mulch the soil to moderate the effects of freezing and thawing, and/or cover tender perennials and bulb beds with boughs cut from evergreens to trap snow for additional cover.
Protect bulbs that are located in the open from small animals by stretching plastic bird netting over the ground during the winter. Alternatively, line planting trenches with chicken wire or put individual bulbs in hardware cloth cages when planting bulbs in the fall

Winterizing Roses

Roses described as “landscape roses” do not need any particular protection beyond the normal winter shrub protection. The timing and extent of protective measures for more fragile hybrid tea roses depends on how cold your winters are. Start winterizing hybrid teas just before the ground freezes, which usually occurs about a month or two after the first frost.
Where temperatures remain above 20° F hybrid teas need few special measures beyond adequate mulching. Spraying foliage with an anti-transpirant spray will minimize water loss from foliage during the cool months. If roses are growing in sites exposed to drying winter winds, wrap the plants or build a windbreak with natural burlap or white polyspun floating row cover.
Where temperatures fall as low as 10° to 15° F for 2 weeks or more at a time, begin winterizing roses after the first hard frost. Mound fresh, loose soil or compost 6 to 8 inches high around the base of each plant. Prune canes back only enough to prevent them from whipping about in the wind and to allow them to fit under a protective covering. Spray the bushes with an anti-transpirant spray and then spread 8 to 10 inches of organic mulch over the entire bed. Wrap the bushes with burlap or white polyspun floating row cover to limit the movement of canes in the wind and to keep the plants from drying out.
Detach climbing roses from their supports and bend them down to the ground. Carefully bunch the canes together ands peg them to the soil with wood or wire hoops of some kind. Finally, cover them completely with 4 to 6 inches of well-draining soil, compost or organic mulch such as wood chips.
Where temperatures fall below -15° F: Follow all the steps outlined above and enclose the bushes with shelters such as peach baskets, tarpaper cones, or plastic coverings made for this purpose.
Click here for more information on Caring_for_Hybrid_Tea_Roses

Winterizing Northern Lawns

As the days get shorter and cooler, grass growth slows and plants prepare for dormancy. While northern turfgrasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial rye actually relish cool weather, some winter precautions are in order:
Reduce mowing height from the 2 to 3 inches of summer to 1½ inches over the fall. The closer mowing removes older parts of grass blades made up of frost-sensitive cells. New, hardier “tillers” keep growing, but slowly. This treatment helps grass resist browning and matting in soggy winter weather.
Mow over the last thin layer of fallen leaves with a mulching mower. The confetti-like pieces of leaves that fall among and between the grass blades mulch the grass plants and help protect lawn soil.
Avoid walking on turf after the final mowing of the season if the soil is frozen. Brittle, frozen grass is easily damaged by foot traffic. The ice crystals that form inside cell membranes of grass foliage rupture cell walls when they are walked on.
Avoid walking on snow-covered turf. This compacts the snow and insulates the grass, keeping it cold even as the soil begins its natural warming. The grass can be smothered and sometimes develops a fungus disease called “snow mold.”


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2012 is landscaping is coming to an end for Yard beautiful

We would like to thank everyone this year and hope we can work with you all again next year and enjoy some new clients as well. We at Yard beautiful landscape do high quality work at very affordable prices,working with our customers on getting the materials for the job at a cost that helps them save money.

We have spent our 2012 season in Door county,Green bay,Sobieski,Kewaunee and Lena.

We have worked on lawn service in Door county and flagstone and brick patios along with plantings,decorative and privacy fences,masonry siding and reclaiming garden beds that were out of hand .

Please feel free to like us on facebook


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