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       Thanks to the invention of preformed PVC liners, building a small garden pond is easier than ever. Pre-formed garden ponds come in a variety of shapes. There are even small, pre-formed liners for easy construction of pond streams and waterfalls. Although building a stream or waterfall is a labor intensive process, the steps are simple to follow Does this Spark an idea? For something you might want.

       The sound is relaxing and it will draw all sorts of birds in.. If it is large enough and depending on where you live it can draw in raccoon and fox. Of course if you want to susatain fish you will want to keep them away.

       First you would need to decide what you are looking for in a water feature. Ponds can keep fish but they will also have some maintainence. New plants,filters and technology can be a big help with this .

       Maybe something as a feature by or through your garden. A stream or flowing riverbead is ideal.

        You might want the noise and bird attraction but something easy to take care of and with that you can go with a pondless water feature.

        Then there is always adding several features into one to create a showcase and beable to enjoy with friends and family around it .

       The pump is a key component to the flow of the water and depth of the pond or water base will effect the size of the water pump. Most pumps have tables for pressure ,flow and distance. Using natural stone is key to bringing that natural pond feature to life. And integrating it into your landscape and lifestyle. And Yard beautiful landscape will sow you that it is affordable to have a water feature or pond.



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